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As of Dec 1st, 2006, our flotilla has completed:
    5,867  '99' Mission Hours
         30   CG Admin. Hours
         43   Safety Patrols
       259   VSC's
         38   MD Visits
         39  PE
         98   PA
       118  MT

Subj: Promulgation of the Auxiliary Knowledge Base -007/07

1. The Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary (CG-3PCX) receives and replies to
many questions about Auxiliary policies every week. The questions come from
a wide variety of sources including Congressional inquiries and letters or
web queries from Auxiliary membership. To inform Auxiliarists of some of the
most frequently asked questions, especially those which are not necessarily
or easily found in Auxiliary manuals or Coast Guard instructions, the Office
of Auxiliary has created the Auxiliary Knowledge Base.

2. Auxiliary program areas drive the Auxiliary Knowledge Base. Many of the
same questions appear in multiple program areas and/or sub-sections for easy
cross-reference. It enables users to e-mail articles to third parties.
Built-in acronym definitions provide an easy understanding of subject matter.

3. The Auxiliary Knowledge Base permits user feedback by employing a
built-in question rating system. This allows users to provide feedback and
comments on specific questions. The Office of Auxiliary will not directly
reply to feedback or comments, but it will consider them in order to revise,
update, or add to the Auxiliary Knowledge Base. The most efficient and
effective way for an Auxiliarist to get an answer to a policy question,
particularly when it is regionally specific, remains through the Auxiliarist's chain of leadership and management.

4. The Auxiliary Knowledge Base is a dynamic and comprehensive reference
tool. Accordingly, Q&A proposals may be submitted from Auxiliary regions to
the Auxiliary Knowledge Base staff through the respective Director of
Auxiliary. The Office of Auxiliary will conduct final review and approval of appropriate proposals.

5. The Auxiliary Knowledge Base is located at It can
be accessed directly through its title button at the top of the Chief
Director's web site, To contact Auxiliary
Knowledge Base staff, e-mail




FM:     CDR Young, DIRAUX

Subj:   PSI Update - Action Required -004/06      

1.     As we enter the final year for existing members to complete their
PSI, it is time for all members who have not yet submitted their paperwork
to take action.  Until this point DIRAUX was requesting Direct Operational
applications by invitation only. ** Effective immediately all remaining
members who need to submit a D.O. may do so immediately. ** I appreciate
our patience in holding your application until this point, but we are now
ready for all remaining applications.

2.     Members needing to submit an Operational Support application are
strongly encouraged to submit their applications immediately as well.
DIRAUX will begin notifying members who have not submitted their
applications and will provide each member thirty days to submit their
application.  If members do not submit their application, I will
unfortunately be forced to start the disenrollment process.

3.     Information on the application process can be found at:


Boating World is also offering discounted subscription rates to CGAuxA

(Auxiliary) members through our web site. The member rate is only $4.99 for the first year (10 issues) of Boating World Magazine.  Not only do members get a substantial discount, but your Association receives a small amount of support in return.



New ICS Requirements

As of February 2006, the ALCOAST from G-RPP announcing the revised dates for completion of Incident Command System (IS) coursework for CG Auxiliary forces has not been issued. Since there are both Area and District directives published, some members have expressed concerns about the apparent conflict between the dates published and the dates proposed. In an effort to resolve this conflict, CG Auxiliary members are directed to comply with directives published by CG Area and District commands until CG Headquarters guidance is available.


From 2/06 from Minutes for February:


·         All members MUST follow the Chain of Command.  If you have any questions or concerns, please address them to your Flotilla Commander.

·         If members see anything suspicious near or around waterways, bridges, marinas, etc, please call 1-877-24-WATCH OR 1-877-249-2824.  If you see anything suspicious other than around waterways, bridges and marinas, please call 1-888-NYC-SAFE or 1-888-692-7233.

·         All members can attend district and division meetings.  The meeting dates are listed below.

·         Members can update their Patriot Readiness Form by logging onto

·         Members can update their Federal Direct Deposit information by logging onto

·         Members can use the Director’s question gateway website located at: for information regarding uniforms, ribbons, manuals, etc.

·         The Website for the open book examinations (APC, VE, IT, MDV, NAV90) is on On Line Exams (first box in yellow highlight)/click on Exams Gateway (blue highlight). Please note that our District is 014. Once you have successfully passed the test, email a copy of your results to the Flotilla Commander at

·         The Websites for the Coast Guard Auxiliary are and

·         The Division 11 Website is

·         Learning about AUXDATA

·         Find and explain AUXDATA CUBES

·         Light List

·         Learning Portal

·         RBS Visitation

·         Sector New York Operations

·         The 2006 District Conference is March 25 and 26 at the Mystic Marriott, Groton Connecticut.  The reservations number is 860.446.2600.  The rate is $87 per night plus tax.  Complete details will be in the January issue of Over The Bow.  It is recommended that if you are even thinking of going, make your reservations now.  Please check with the Mystic Marriott as to their cancellation policy.  If you would like to go up on Friday night (March 24) the rate will also be $87 plus tax.  District workshops start at 0900 on Saturday.

·         Members who do not have a uniform can either 1) Call the Uniform Distribution Center (800-874-6841) and place your order directly for USCG Auxiliary attire (sizes run small so you may want to order a size larger).  Have your credit card number available (Visa and MasterCard only) OR 2) call Lighthouse Uniform (800-426-5225), which offers new members a “uniform package” (includes Ball Cap with device or embroidery; Shirt s/s with epaulets; Collar pins or soft boards; Work Trousers; and Belt – black with web w/silver buckle) for $69.95 (oversizes and shipping extra).  They also have a Two For One Shirt Special – at the time of purchase please inquire.  Lighthouse Uniform Company’s website address is

·         District 7 (Florida) has a website ( in which you can order merchandise with no shipping costs and in some instances for 50% less than District 1SR prices.


Customs & Courtesy:  Saluting, Flags, etc.    click



1.    In 2005, completion of the Instructor (IT), Vessel Examiner (VE), and Operations (OPS) workshops were required for currency maintenance in their
respective programs.  In 2006, none of these workshops are required for currency maintenance.

2.    Auxiliarists who were placed in Re-Year (REYR) status at the start of 2006 because they did not complete the workshop that was required in 2005
must complete the 2006 workshop in order to get out of REYR status and re-gain their currency in 2006.  Completion of online versions of the
workshops is acceptable to meet this requirement.

3.    For all Auxiliarists who maintained their program currency through 2005, the 2006 workshops are optional.

---------------- Courses - 'T' Dep't - NATIONAL TRAINING DEPARTMENT --------------
                         (Specialty courses)
   These courses explore new information that is interesting and of value in Auxiliary, professional and/or personal life. Access the "T" Department's Members page, which has been developed for members looking for supplemental information to aid them in their Auxiliary programs.


1/11/06    Uniforms

The UDC phone number for placing uniform orders is 1-800-874-6841.
The UDC web site is
Immediately upon accessing the UDC web site, Auxiliarists will see a special
notice pertaining to their ODU orders.  This notice has a link that will
take them to the Standard Order form that should be used to  generate an ODU
order.  It is expected that Auxiliarists will be able to place
unlimited orders by April 2005.
Auxiliarists are strongly encouraged to use the ODU sizing guide
(available on the UDC web site under "ODU Uniform") because the ODU outfit
is quite different from the working blue uniform.  Additionally, working
blue uniform items are still available through UDC at significantly reduced
costs and they are authorized for Auxiliary wear until no longer

Subj: New On Line Testing Results -System -025/05

1. The G-OCX Computer support team has changed the method that informs
members of their on line exam results. The former system, of sending emails
to the member has had several problems over the years. Those problems were
caused by the various ISP (internet service providers), used by the
Auxiliary membership.

2. Effective 12/27/05, all exams results will be displayed on the members
computer, within seconds of pressing submit. As sample display is shown
below. If a member has passed the exam, then the web page - can also be checked to
confirm AuxData entry sequencing.


The following websites have been established to provide information on Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.


The following is a revised message (consolidated links) to replace the hurricane links sent 07 SEP 05:
The following website has been established to provide information on Hurricane Katrina relief efforts:
RBS Device Approval and Award Criteria -- The NEXCOM has approved the criterion for USCG Auxiliary members to begin earning a new device starting in 2006.  Called the Recreational Boating Safety Device (RBS) Device, it is intended to recognize members who extraordinarily support the Auxiliary's programs and activities within, or related to, the traditional RBS missions and programs.  The requirements for award of this device are found by clicking on the following

Peter J. Urgola DC-V

10/25/05   Flotilla Commanders:    regarding Joe Stern’s Washington, DC event. 

Joe Stern was advised that permission has been granted for Friday, November 18 at 1300 hours to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery in Washington, DC.  Joe has been advised that only he and 3 additional people can actually place the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Designation of the three people will be determined at a later date.  Any member wishing to attend can do so as a spectator for the placing of the wreath. 

Uniform for those members placing the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier will be Service Dress Blue Bravo with Combination Hat and White Gloves (please refer to the Auxiliary Manual, Chapter 10, page 27). 

Uniform for those members as spectators can be Service Dress Blue Bravo, Winter Dress Blue, or Tropical Blue (please refer to the Auxiliary Manual, Chapter 10). 

Joe advised that in order to ensure that the event takes place at the designated time (1300 hours on November 18) those members wishing to attend drive down on Thursday, November 17.  Each member planning on attending will have to make his or her own hotel accommodations and vehicle transportation.  This is a non-reimbursable expense.  Please keep in mind that car pooling and hotel sharing is an option.  

If you plan on attending, please RSVP to Joe Stern no later than Friday, November 4 at 718.XXXXXXX with your name, rank, member number, division and flotilla.  If you have any questions or concerns, please address them directly to Joe Stern.    Pat M  VCP


After nearly 25 years of dedicated service, Florence Turner has decided to step down as the DSO-MA.  I know that you join the Commodore and I in
thanking Florence for her many years of tireless, dedicated service.

Gregg Trask will assume the job of DSO-MA.  Orders can be placed via the internet at  or by mail at PO Box 272, Crown
Point, NY 12928.  The current fax number will also forward to Gregg until the end of the year.  Don¹t forget, the District Store keeps our dues at a
reasonable level. 



  A.  For hurricane KATRINA search and rescue - In order to assist the United States Coast Guard in hurricane KATRINA search and rescue efforts, submit a missing/stranded person request at:

   B.  For hurricane KATRINA media - For news about hurricane KATRINA visit:   

   C.  The hurricane KATRINA official government website for public information on finding loved ones, what to do if you are a victim, how to help victims, or disaster cleanup and agency resources, visit:

1. Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Hurricane Katrina Account

2. In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, there has been an outpouring of compassion for those Coast Guard members and
families hard hit by this disaster in the impact area.  Many have expressed a desire to help.   

3. In response, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) has established an account to receive contributions designated for that specific purpose.
Contributions marked "Katrina" will be earmarked and tracked to ensure they are used first and foremost to meet the needs of Coast Guard members and
families associated with Hurricane Katrina in accordance with normal CGMA policies and procedures.  In the event there are funds left over after
meeting needs associated with Hurricane Katrina, they will be placed in CGMA's general account to assist members of the Coast Guard family in times
of financial need. 

4. Tax deductible contributions should be made out to "Coast Guard Mutual Assistance or CGMA" by check, money order or with a credit card
marked in the memo area or noted for "Katrina."  Contribution forms are available on the CGMA Web site:  Click on "Contributing to

5. Checks, payable to "CGMA" may be sent to the following address:

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
4200 Wilson Blvd., Suite 610
Arlington, VA  22203-1804

6. Secure credit card contributions may be made online through the CGMA
Web site.  Click on "Contributing to CGMA," then on "Credit Card."

7. If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Tom Omri at Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (202) 493-6622.

8. Kenneth T. Venuto
Assistant Commandant for Human Resources  


-Within 150 yards of Liberty and Ellis Islands;
- United Nations, in the East River along the Manhattan shoreline from 125 yards offshore at the Queensboro Bridge to 175 yards offshore at East 35th Street;
- Within 25 yards of all bridge piers or abutments, overhead power cables and tunnel ventilators in the waters of the greater NY area and along the Hudson River;
- Within 100 yards of all anchored or moored Coast Guard vessels,
-Around Piers 84-96, Manhattan, bound by the following points: the northeast corner of Pier 96 where it intersects the seawall, thence to approximate position
40°46’23.1"N, 073°59’59.0"W, thence to approximate position 40°45’55.3"N, 074°00’20.2"W (NAD 1983), thence to the southeast corner of Pier 84 where it
intersects the seawall, thence along the shoreline to the point of origin; and
-The Indian Point Nuclear Power Station on the Hudson River. Within 300-yards of approximate position (41°16’12.4.N, 073°57’16.2.W). All vessels transiting
the Hudson River in the vicinity of Indian Point are subject to random Coast Guard boardings;
- All waters of Bowery and Flushing Bays within approximately 100 yards of La Guardia Airport;
- All waters of Bergen Basin north of 40 39’26.4"N;
- All waters of Thurston Basin north of 40 38’21.2"N;
- All waters of Jamaica Bay within approximately 100 yards of John F. Kennedy Airport; and
- All waters of Eastchester Bay within approximately 100 yards of Rodman Neck, south of City Island Bridge.
-All waters between the Military Ocean and Global Marine Terminals west of the New Jersey Pier Head channel;
-Within a 25-yard radius of every waterfront facility, as defined in 33 CFR 6.01-4; and
-Within a 100-yard radius of any passenger ship, or vessel, or barge carrying petroleum, or chemical products in bulk;



Coming soon:


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Your CGAuxA

What is the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc.?The Coast Guard Auxiliary Association is you, the member of the USCG Auxiliary.  Every member of the Auxiliary is a member of the Association.

 What does the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc. do?The Auxiliary serves as the Coast Guard's "Executive Agent" for the Coast Guard's Recreational Boating Safety programs. The Auxiliary's expertise in safety programs is a key national asset, not only for the safety of boaters but also for the safety of ports and waterways as well as educating the public on the importance of their partnership in maintaining a vigil in the maritime environment for any threats to our Homeland Security.

 The Association provides the money, and services that enables our Public Education program to work.  They print the text books, warehouse them, distribute them.

 The Association, provides to the Ship's Stores and the member all uniform items unique to the Auxiliary, from Shoulder Boards to Ribbons, from Buttons to Patrol Banners.

 The Association supports and underwrites major portions of both N-Train and the NACON.

 What type of corporation is the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc.?The Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc., is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) organization incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia. The Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard authorized the establishment of the Association as the only corporation authorized to provide for the business management of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

 Are dues and/or donations to the Association tax deductible?You should talk with your tax advisor, but generally, donations to a Non-Profit 501(c)3 corporation such as the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association are tax deductible.  Remember - talk with your tax advisor to make sure of your particular tax benefit.  The payment of dues by Auxiliarists to their flotilla, that includes flotilla, division, district and national dues, may be tax deductible due to the Auxiliary’s status as a component of the U.S. Coast Guard, a government entity. 

Who runs the Association? There is an eleven member board, with the National Commodore serving as the CEO, the National Vice Commodore as the President, as well as the Immediate Past National Commodore, along with eight elected Board Members.  Four Board members are from the Auxiliary (they can not hold elective office anywhere within the Auxiliary) and four outside (non-Auxiliary) Board members.  In addition, the three Area Commodores and the District Commodores serve on the Association's Operating Committee.

 On a day to day basis, there is an Executive Director and a small staff of paid employees as well as a cadre of Auxiliarists who volunteer their time to work for the Association.

 What benefits do I, as a member of the Association get? 

The Association is constantly trying to locate and add to the list of benefits members enjoy.  Shop Auxiliary is one such benefit.  A wide range of products at discounted prices - and with every purchase, the Association benefits as well.  The publication Beacon is another benefit.  The Association is preparing a benefit package for all members sometime later this year.  You can always check on the CGAuxA web site, located at