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In January 2009, the Auxiliary National Board approved a recommendation
to discontinue its use within the Auxiliary, and the Chief Director has
approved this National Board action.  Accordingly, the Service Dress Blue
(Alpha) uniform is no longer authorized as an Auxiliary uniform.


Coast Guard Headquarters has set up an Internet page at to post Coast Guard specific H1N1 Flu Outbreak information
so that it can be accessed by Reservists, Auxiliary, and families.

1. As of  December 1, 2008, the "old" AUXSAR course  and exam is no longer
available to Auxiliary members.  Members successfully passing the "old"
AUXSAR exam on or before November 30th will receive credit for the course as
a part of their six-course AUXOP program.  Members currently studying the
"old" AUXSAR course who did not successfully pass the "old" AUXSAR exam
before November 30th will have to start again and take AUXSC&E course.  The
New Auxiliary Search Coordination & Execution (AUXSC&E) Course replaces the
Auxiliary Search and Rescue (AUXSAR) Course.  For more detail on the AUXSC&E
course visit the National Training website at

2.  Thus, all printed AUXSAR documentation including the 5508 Student Study
Guide, 5509 Instructor Guide, 5540 A/B/C exams are obsolete and should not be used or retained.


 8/22  2005 Marine Domain Awareness newsletter.  Spring/Summer  (Acrobat Reader format)

1. The U.S. Coast Guard has become aware of a potential problem with
installation of CO2 cylinders that have bayonet tips in inflatable personal
flotation devices (PFDs or life jackets). If a cylinder is not properly
installed, the PFD will not inflate with CO2. The problem may affect several
thousand PFDs, but the Coast Guard is only aware of one incident to date.
The following link to the USCG Boating web site provides detailed


Tide Predictions Accessible from Cell Phones    
NOAA tidal prediction data is now accessible through cell phones. Clear and colorful graphics on the cell phone screen display information for predicted high and low tides, sunrise, sunset, and moon phases for over twenty-three hundred locations around the United States. A cell phone can even be programmed to ring at selected tide cycles. This innovative application provides recreational boaters, fishermen, and beachgoers a faster, easier way of obtaining tide predictions. Until now, NOAA tidal prediction data was available only over the Internet, on CD-ROM, or by purchasing tide tables from commercial vendors.

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FM:  CDR J. M. Felker
SUBJ: Procedures Guide for 1SR -043/05

The purpose of this publication is to provide instruction and policy guidance for the conduct of both the general and specific tasking of the
Auxiliary missions within the First Coast Guard District's Southern Region. This publication has been designed to expand upon various procedures in
referenced source manuals so as to meet the specific needs of the First District Southern Region. Also, this publication summarizes specific
procedures for the Southern Region, which are to be followed in conducting the majority of the business and operations of the United States Coast Guard

The manual is avaialable (sic)at:

Frm:     CHDIRAUX (G-OCX-1)
1.  In an effort to "buy down" the Coast Guard's significant stock of Undress and Working Blue uniforms (both of which will soon be made obsolete
by the new Operational Dress Uniform), the remaining stocks of these items are for sale at 50% off.  By mid-August 2005, any remaining stocks will be
disposed of.  Therefore, the next two months offer the last opportunity for anyone to purchase these low-cost uniform items from the Coast Guard Uniform
Distribution Center.  These uniform items will continue to be authorized for Auxiliary wear until they are no longer serviceable.

2.  The stocks available are significant...over 35,000 sets of men's trousers, over 45,000 long and short-sleeved shirts, nearly 4,000 pair of
female trousers, etc. 

3.  There is no limit to order sizes...any quantity of any item may be purchased.  The following prices apply:
        Male utility trousers ........................ $  9.03
        Male short sleeve dark blue shirt ...... $  7.03
        Male long sleeve dark blue shirt ........$  8.13
        Female utility trousers .....................$ 13.55
        Female short sleeve dark blue shirt ...$  7.93
        Female long sleeve dark blue shirt ....$  9.75


Flotilla Stats as of April 30th 2005 based on all submitted reports. *Note: Numbers indicate hours.
   " 99"  Mission Hours: 2,780
   CG Admin Sup: 12
   Safety Patrols: 0
   CG Op Sup:  9
   VSCís:  0
   MD Visits: 43
   PE: 19
   PA: 14
   MT:  40

From: Tom Venezio 
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 9:03 PM
Subject: Training

Hi Guys,
The Bear Search & Rescue Foundation is running a mutli-agency training in June.  There will be some stuff that doesn't work for us but, a lot that
does.  I attended last year for one of the days and it was very informative and interesting.  I'll be doing a brief presentation on Sat AM again this
year.  Anyway, pass the word around.  It may be an interesting event for any of your boat crew folks.
They should complete the attached forms and send on to the Foundation.

Early in 2005, the U.S. Department of State will begin issuing a new type of passport containing an embedded
electronic chip and called an "Electronic Passport". The new passport will continue to be proof of the bearer's
United States citizenship and identity, and will look and function in the same way as a passport without a chip.
The addition of an electronic chip in the back cover will enable the new passport to carry a duplicate electronic
copy of all information from the data page. The new passport will be usable at all ports-of-entry, including those
that do not yet have electronic chip readers.
Use of the electronic format will provide the traveler the additional security protections inherent in chip
technology. Moreover, when used at ports-of-entry equipped with electronic chip readers, the new passport will
provide for faster clearance through some of the port-of-entry processes.
Issuance of this new passport will be phased in during an 18-month period. It is expected that by mid-2006
nearly all U.S. passports will be issued in this new format. The new passport will not require special handling or
treatment, but like previous versions should be protected from extreme bending and from immersion in water.
The electronic chip must be read using specially formatted readers, and is not susceptible to unauthorized reading.
The cover of the new passport will be printed with a special symbol representing the embedded chip. The symbol
"LOGO IMAGE" will appear in port-of-entry areas where the electronic passport can be read.


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