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Flotilla 11


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Unit conversion

Type your value in a box, click your mouse anywhere on the page 

(or press tab key) and enjoy the results!


Kilometer (km)
Meter (m)
Centimeter (cm)
Millimeter (mm)
British and American
Mile (mi)
Furlong (fur)
Chain (ch)         animated links of chain moving
Rod (rd)
Yard (yd)
Foot (ft)
Inch (in)

old sailboat/schooner sketch     Nautical   dolphin jumping waves



Nautical Mile
Circle (part of ! , as in 1/2 circle will show as 0.5, not   1800)
Degree        animated compass

"Points" (as in ' two pts. abaft the strb'd beam, Matie')

Sea league
Light year
Astronomical unit (AU)
Light minute
Light second


Other Conversions - Computations
Distance over the Horizon
Weather: Wind chill, Heat index, Temperature conversion, Humidity, more

Maximum Hull Speed

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