Flotilla 11


Individual development plan  [IDP]

1. on 2 Feb 06, commandant instruction 5357.1a, the coast guard individual development plan (IDP), was signed. The coast guard is fully committed to the personal and professional growth of all of our people, whether civilian, military or volunteer. The IDP is in alignment with our 28 leadership competencies, particularly those competencies in the leading self and leading others categories (such as self awareness and learning, health and well being, technical proficiency, effective communications, mentoring, and taking care of our people).

2. major changes to the instruction include:

a. IDP is now mandatory for all first-term military members
within their first four years of service, enlisted members and junior officers, both active duty and reservists. For officers in the ranks of ensign thru lieutenant, including those with prior enlisted service, first-term is defined as the first four years of commissioned cg service.
b. the IDP remains highly recommended for all other enlisted members, officers, civilian employees, reservists, and auxiliarists.
c. two IDP forms and guides are now provided. The first form is for enlisted members and is more detailed than the form used for officer, civilians, and auxiliarists.
d. the enlisted IDP form provides comprehensive guidance and information, including advancement checklists and goal-setting forms for professional, personal, educational, and financial goals.
e. the officer, civilian, and auxiliarist form is a modifie {sic} version of the original IDP and refers users to web-sites designed to assist them with career management.

3. this new instruction is the result of a collaborative effort among many sources, notably pacific area and Atlantic area command master chiefs. thanks to all who participated in the working group and in the development and review of the new IDP form and instruction. Poc for the IDP program is ms. cora mcvey, cg-133, (202) 267-6239.

4. the idp instruction, forms and guides are available on the intranet and internet at the below links,  [this webmaster found this t be an erroneous link]

5. the forms will be available in the coast guard forms system in 2-3  weeks. the forms are available now on the cg-133 internet web site, , and will also be placed on the unit leadership development program web site.