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Most of the information here only pertains to Auxiliarists, and will have little meaning or utility to the general public. 

There is no classified information here.

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MEMBERS: This page will list new information that has been disseminated from various sources, including but not limited to E-Mails from the Director of the 1st Southern District, from our captain, Chief Director [CHDIRAUX], CGAux eNews, Flotilla Minutes and various Officers at the Flotilla and Division level.  Additionally, this webmaster may include other items deemed of value or interest to our members.

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Items will not stay on this page indefinitely, unless considered to maintain a status of high importance.  The web page entitled "E-Mail & Recent Notifications" will be 'running': all e-mails received by general membership of 11-02 will be posted there, the newer ones at the top.

PLEASE NOTE: When the webmaster deems certain information to be highly sensitive and possibly present a security issue, such areas will be indicated by SENSITIVE INFO LOGO (sensitive information). If you need to see this information, you can obtain it in a few ways. One way is by going to the website from whence it comes. You can also try writing the appropriate officer or source of the message. Lastly, you can click on the logo, " SENSITIVE INFOLOGO", and this webmaster will try to get you that information. PLEASE SPECIFY the DATE, SUBJECT or other identifying information. Your e-mail will be compared to a master list; only members appearing on this list will receive an answer. In the future, we may incorporate member passwords to simplify this function, as well as to allow access to some pages that would hold the most interest by members.



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