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Qualification Definitions:

  Qualification - is the initial entry level of demonstrated competence by a member to a program. A member qualifies once they have completed all the initial tasks of an authorized Auxiliary program.

  Initial Certification - is granted by the DirAux by signing off on the qualification letter, document or certificate. Certification indicates that the qualified member may now act in the program. DirAux also insures entry of this initial certification into the Auxmis System.

  Certification - members must perform certain tasks or actions to exhibit retention of the required knowledge and to continue to act in the program. A member must certify periodically (usually annually) to retain their status as an active participant.

  Re-certification - is defined as the process a member must follow to regain their certification if they have failed to perform all the certification requirements for a given period.

7th District Training Directives

Initial Certification
Instructor (IT)
Pass open book exam with a three-hour time limit with a score of 90% or better, and teach a minimum of 2 hours under the supervision of a certified IT or Master Instructor
Boat Crew Program

(Crewman and Coxswain)
Successfully complete Boat Crew qualification requirements as specified in the Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual.
Additionally, complete the NavRule Series 70 closed book exam plus perform 28 underway hours.  Or have a current Coast Guard issued license, see requirements to receive credit
Marine Dealer Visitor - MDV
Must take and pass the (open book 3 hr time limit) MDV qualification examination with a score of 90% or better, and perform 2 successful visits under the supervisor of a Certified MDV.
Vessel Examiner Program - VE
Must take and pass the (open book 3 hr time limit) VE qualification examination with a score of 90% or better, and perform 5 VSC's on a recreational boat, PWC or Auxiliary vessel facility under the supervision of a certified VE.
Annual Certification
Must successfully teach 2 hours or provide 4 hours of assistance in the classroom in Public Education or Member Training.
Boat Crew Program
To remain certified, crewmembers and/or coxswains must annually perform at least 8 hours underway on patrol at the level qualified and complete the required tasks as identified in the Auxiliary Boat Crew Training & Qualification Guide.
Must complete 4 Marine Dealer Visits each year.
Must complete 5 passing or failing VSC's, PWC safety checks, Auxiliary vessel facility inspection.


The National Testing Center has made minor modification to the sign-on procedure for on-line exams, summarized as follows:


  1. Exam takers now only need to fill in their member ID and ZIP Code. If entered correctly, the exam will open up with the remaining member information needed. That information should then be entered to ensure the member is correctly credited for the successfully completed exam. 
  2. Members who enter GUEST in the ID field and ZIP Code field will be allowed to take the exam without credit as a practice exam. Practice exams are only for open book exams, not proctored exams.
  3. Members enter the exam system by using this link: This page can also be found by clicking on "On-line Exams" in the Training section of the Chief Director's web site.
  4. Members taking on-line exams receive their grade right after clicking on "Submit." An exam grade page will open showing their grade, and any items they may have missed on the exam with references to the section of the manual containing the missed question info. Additionally, members who pass an exam can go to: and check all on-line exams they have passed since 1 March 2005. The AUXDATA update of passed exams occurs every Monday, and the information is then passed to the Director of Auxiliary for the member's District.