District  01S   Division 11   Flotilla 02

Officers             animated sailor saluting

Len Gidlund - FLOTILLA COMMANDER     FC Shoulder board
John Salogub - VICE FLOTILLA COMMANDERVFC shoulder board

FSO shoulder board [1 stripe]         FSO - Flotilla Staff Officers          FSO shoulder board

A. FSO-AN Lennart Gidlund             J. FSO-OP Jesus Camacho
B. FSO-SR Lennart Gidlund              K. FSO-PA Bernard Jacobs
C. FSO-PV  [open]                           L FSO-PE John Salogub
D. FSO-FN John Salogub                M. FSO-PS Gail Orsini
E. FSO-IS John Salogub                   N. FSO-CM [open]
F. FSO-PS                                        O. FSO-VE Gilbert Cigal
G. FSO-MA Mary Puskar                 P .FSO-PB Frank Giambrone
H. FSO-MT Robert Scarano             Q. FSO-MS John Salogub
I. FSO-CS Arnold Pollikoff                R. FSO-AV  Lennart Gidlund
                                                          S. FSO-CC  [open]


Please E-mail all Officer's reports to  so they can be entered in the minutes


Description and duties of officers: Click Here


Basic Outline of Flotilla Chain of Communication

organizational chart