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Nature of Tonnage. The term "tonnage" as used in this program is a measure of volume, not weight. Gross register tons (GRT) and net register tons (NRT) under the Standard measurement system are expressed in ton units, each unit being 100 cubic feet. Gross tons (GT ITC) and net tons (NT ITC) under the Convention measurement system, are derived by applying logarithmic coefficients to ship volumes and are expressed in dimensionless tons. Gross and net tonnage should not be confused with displacement tonnage, which is measured in terms of long tons (2240 pounds per long ton.) Deadweight tonnage (or the load weight capacity of a ship) is a type of displacement tonnage and is basically derived by subtracting the lightship weight from the full load weight. A change in vessel weight affects its displacement tonnage, but not its gross or net tonnage.

Now do you understand? That wasn't confusing, was it??


                National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Ocean Service
Station ID: 8517847                                PUBLICATION DATE:  05/04/2005
Name:       BROOKLYN BRIDGE, EAST RIVER                      
            NEW YORK
NOAA Chart: 12335                                  Latitude:         40 42.2' N
USGS Quad:  BROOKLYN                               Longitude:        73 59.7' W

To reach the tidal bench marks from Interstate I-278 (Brooklyn Queens
Expressway) in Brooklyn, take exit # 29B west off of I-278 and follow to Cadman
Plaza West NW to Water Street, then turn right (NE) on to Water Street and turn
left immediately into the valet entrance for River Cafe Restaurant, proceed NW
and then NE ashort distance to a wrought iron gate at the entrance to the Fulton
Ferry Esplanade, a public park facility open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.  The bench
marks are located in and around the park property, and to the SE along the
bridge piers and approaches.  The gauge was located on the south side of the
bridge, east edge of the river, at the SW corner of the park area, attached to
the face of the bulkhead adjacent to the facility.