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Boating And Non-Boating Programs

Below is a brief but comprehensive listing of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary's many missions.

Surface (water) Missions

         Safety Patrol - Patrol under Coast Guard orders using an Auxiliary Operational Facility.

         Regatta Patrol - Patrolling organized regattas and boat parades.

         Chart Update Patrol - Verifying the accuracy and completeness of information published on charts and related navigation publications.

         PWC Patrol - Patrolling on a Personal Water Craft (PWC).

                                                                          Be A Better Boater     Auxiliarists on two boats

Air Operations Missions

         SAR Mission - Search And Rescue call out or the air equivalent to a vessel safety patrol.

         Enforcement of Laws and Treaties - Air support of a Coast Guard law enforcement mission.

         MEP Mission - Air support in the area of Marine Environmental Protection.

         Ice Operations Mission - Air support in the area of ice patrol operations.

         Logistics Mission - Transportation of personnel.

         Training Mission - Training missions involving air operations.


Land-based Operations Missions

         Radio Watchstander - Serving as a qualified watchstander at a Coast Guard or Auxiliary facility.

         Officer of the Day Duties - OOD at a Coast Guard facility either ashore or afloat.

         B-2 Alert SAR Standby - Time spent on stand-by.

         B-0 Alert SAR Standby - Standing by under with an Auxiliary Operational Facility for immediate call out.

         SAR Call Out - Search And Rescue call out involving communication facilities.

         CG Crew Augmentation - Serving as a qualified crew on Coast Guard, not Auxiliary, vessels.

         Enforcement of Laws and Treaties - Providing surface support of Coast Guard law enforcement mission.

         MEP Mission - Surface support for a Marine Environmental Protection mission.

         Auxiliary Radio Net Mission - Maintaining Coast Guard authorized Auxiliary radio nets.

         Aids to Navigation Mission-Federal - Servicing federal or private Aids to Navigation.

         Bridge Administration - Inspecting bridges.  

Public Education Missions

         PE Other Than State/Youth - Auxiliary multi-lesson public education classes.

         State and Youth Courses - State public education classes and youth courses.

         MT Instructor Mission - Member training activity, including specialty courses, boats crew training, and basic qualification classes.


3 women, one in CG uniform, looking down at tabel




Environmental Missions

         Enforcement of Laws and Treaties - Provide support to a Coast Guard law enforcement mission.

         Marine Environmental Protection - Provide support to the Coast Guard in the area of Marine Environmental Protection.


Coast Guard Support and Boating Safety Missions

         CG Operational Support - A service provided to operational Coast Guard units in support of Coast Guard programs.

         CG Administrative Support - Provide support to the Coast Guard in areas other than operations or recruiting.

         AIM Mission - The Auxiliary's Academy Introduction Mission (AIM).

         RAP Mission - Coast Guard Recruiting Assistance Program (RAP).

         Courtesy Marine Examinations - Vessel Safety Checks; Personal Water Craft Safety Checks; Uninspected Passenger Vessel; and Commercial Fishing Vessel.

         Public Affairs Mission - Promoting the Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary or Coast Guard Reserve.

         Marine Dealer Visits - Participating in the Marine Dealer Visitation Program.  

  3 people looking at something on a boat. One of them is pProbably an auxiliarist






Agency Support Missions

         Federal Agencies - Provide non-operational support to other federal agencies, such as Customs, Corps of Engineers and NOAA.

         State Agencies - Provide support to state agencies, such as the Department of Natural Resources, State Police and Marine Patrols.

         Local Agencies - Provide support to local agencies, such as local police, sheriff's offices, fire/rescue and Harbormasters.



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Last updated: November 01, 2007